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Why buy from a shop when you could buy direct? At KKBS we guarantee all of our builds and you can ride easy knowing your Cargo Bike was constructed by a Certified Bicycle Technician! 

A Family of American Designed Bikes for Any Application!

Yuba produces 5 specialty bike models that each take the cycling experience to the next level in their own way! Prioritizing affordability, safety, and user-friendliness, Yuba creates the best long-tail & small wheel-base cargo available domestically.  

Our favorite model is the Yuba Mundo, as the Mundo was KKBS founder Camille's first cargo bike. Dubbed "the minivan of bicycles," Yuba Mundo is a high-capacity longtail that can carry up to 440 lbs plus the rider. Mundo is highly customizable, weather you spring for the add-ons or DIY your own cargo solutions this bike will revolutionize your life. 

In addition to the Mundo model, Yuba also creates...

  • The Boda Boda - a compact bike with a large cargo rack designed for 1-2 passengers. Great for renters with small families!
  • The Sweet Curry - sized between the Mundo & Boda Boda, this bike is a sweet lil slice. Smaller wheelbase in the rear keeps the center of gravity low, creating a more stable ride for precious cargo. 
  • The Spicy Curry - The same thing as the Sweet curry but with a Bosch pedal-assist motor. The motor give you an extra boost to power up hills and the small rear wheel ensures a stable ride for all the tag-alongs.
  • The Supermache - The newest and most unique member of the Yuba family, the Supermache is a compact, american-take on the Bak Fiet. Small wheelbase makes it easy to manuver, and step-through frame makes it an accessible bike for riders of all sizes. 
  • The Flip Flop - Your baby's first cargo bike! The Flip Flop is a balance push bike that grows with your child. Start with the frame-down position and get your kid on two wheels as young as 15 months, then switch it around to the frame-up position as they grow. Skip the training wheels and start them young!

All Yuba Bike models come with Stay Steady Technology, an integrated rear rack, numerous add-ons, and a variety of build options. Check out the full family of bikes at www.yubabikes.com & feel free to reach out with any questions at info@kweenkargo.com! KKBS matches all prices on Yuba's website. What you see listed online is what you will pay in-shop plus sales taxes!