Camille Raneem Lampel

Camille Raneem has been bike-commuting in NYC since 2011. Cutting her teeth with 24 mile round-trip commutes between her home hood of Washington Heights and TriBeCa for work she has a great love of riding through her city, and great respect for the strides taken in the last decade to make the streets safer for all New Yorkers. In 2012 she took up leadership helping repair & distribute bikes for the OWS Bike Coalition. In spring of 2014 she join Full Lane Logistics (FLL), a courier co-op based in Brooklyn utilizing cargo bikes to do larger courier jobs such as catering, beer & wine delivery, and industrial supplies. During that time she began tinkering with bikes, eventually trading in the messenger bag for a wrench. She was awarded the 2017 Women's Bike Mechanic Scholarship and earned her Bicycle Technitian Certfication from United Bicycle Institute. 

Chistopher Asa Reece

Christopher Asa Reece is a well seasoned mechanic with a decade of experience under his belt. He began repairing bikes on his own in college, fixing up old rides and giving them away to friends just to get practice. He has worked at & managed a number of bike shops across NYC, specializing in Wheel Building. He is enthusiastic about cycling in general, but particularly moved by women’s cycling and female entrepreneurship. He was a volunteer mechanic for Full Lane Logistics when he met Camille…

A Kweendom Born...

Like many small businesses, Full Lane did a belly flop. So Kween Kargo was formed with a variety of commitments. Kween Kargo's primary goal is to offer the best quality repairs and the best price point possible. We envision a safer & healthier urban environments for cyclists & pedestrians alike. We believe in worker-lead businesses, particularly in the bicycl industry. We have stuck to our commitments and with the help of our amazing & diverse array of clients we have been able to work our way from a start-up to a storefront.


Kween Kargo aims to be a community resource for working cyclists. We support commuters & couriers through affordable, quality repair services. We advocate for radical shifts in lifestyle, in the interest of public welfare and the urban environment in New York City.

In addition to light-bike services, we also specialize in cargo bike repair & green freight logistics. We deal in Larry vs Harry & Yuba Bicycle cargo bikes, making it easier for families and businesses to make the transition to car-less lifestyles.


Guiding Principles

We find our inspiration in the intersections between our guiding principles, vision, and mission. Though at times redundant we want to be transparent in our trajectory, because we are more than just a bike shop. 

Representation Matters

 When we talk a out "marginalized ridership" we are referring to the invisible majority of bike riders. Whether it's through misrepresentation, lack or representation, or dehumanization of our bodies; The Industry doesn’t represent us so we represent ourselves. Speaking to Women's ridership: we ride bikes for our own sakes, just like everyone else. So why are we depicted half naked models atop men’s bikes when represented in advertising? Why are we called “girls” at races and other community events? Why don’t our races have smaller prize wallets and less coverage? Why are we met with wide eyes and disbelief when we tell people we are couriers, mechanics, racers, engineers, and advocates? That is some serious systemic mis-management of identity, and that is but one minority group of many that are mis-represented by our industry.  Kween Kargo is committed to supporting positive images of riders who are neglected, and at at times exploited, by our industry. We are strong, we are fabulous, we are glorious athletes. We are so much more than our marketability. #representationmatters

New York for New Yorkers

Burgeoning bicycle infrastructure has also allowed cyclists to dream big in regards to social mobility & job development. It also goes without saying that cycling can drastically better a person's life. Besides the health benefits, the cycling can lead down a variety of career paths from racing to couriering, engineering design to urban planning. NYC is a tough city to live in, and things certainly aren’t getting easier. Gentrification has given way to new local economies, but one must understand it is disturbing to see a city being rebuilt for someone who isn’t us. Kween Kargo wants to find ways to support local residents, businesses, and workers though logistical support, education, and advocacy.  We recognize and value the fact the answers can’t come from us; only the community knows what it needs. Come talk to us, we’re always looking to listen & build coalitions.



Personal Physical & Mental Health

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to feel like one. A car-less lifestyle offers many benefits for localized commuters. What begins with a hand-me-down bike from a friend can develop into a life-long romance with the road, your bicycle, and you. At Kween Kargo we think any bike that keeps you on the road is a good bike, whether its a beater or a top of the line road bike. Finally, as our name implies we are coo-coo for cargo bikes! In particular, the Larry vs Harry Bullitt©. The LvH Bullitt© is ideal for all inner city lifestyles. Artists, professionals, craftsfolk, entrepreneurs, and most obviously couriers have revolutionized their lives by investing in these remarkable machines. We live green & clean. We beat fares every day. We are here to keep that love affair with your legs going! Long may we ride!

Stay alive studios gallery at kween kargo

Stay alive studios gallery at kween kargo

The women of the 2016 North american cycle courier championships

The women of the 2016 North american cycle courier championships

Our Vision

  1. Healthy Local Economies: Local couriers utilizing cargo bikes to support local businesses, creating more jobs on a neighborhood to neighborhood basis.

  2. Environmental Enhancement: Fewer cars on the road, cleaner air, safer streets, healthier residents, increased quality of life.

  3. Alternatively Structured Environments for Workers: If we all work together we can get to where we want to go, and have the opportunities we deserve to have.