The Larry vs Harry Bullitt© Cargo Bike: the bike to kill car culture. Since it's introduction in 2009, the Bullitt bike has revolutionized the cargo bike market. With it's bright color varieties, bold design, unmatched engineering, and high utility capacity, these bikes inspire both awe and envy.  Today you would be hard pressed to find a major city on any continent that doesn't have at least one of these modern bak fiets on the road. Families, couriers, and creators of all kinds have taken the cargo plunge with LvH, making this bike the biggest game-changer in cycling since the introduction of the safety bicycle. 

Because there are so many color options & so many different ways to build a Bullitt, please email us at with “Bullitt Inquiry” in the subject to get more information about ordering, or drop by anytime during business hours!

KKBS Specific FAQ coming soon! But for now, check out the FAQ on the Larry vs Harry website!