/kwēn/ : noun Kween is not a sovereign, nor is she singular. She is your drive, your courage, your individuality. She can move mountains, even as they close in on her valley. She challenges expectations and leads from the front. She will not take no for an answer. She pushes her spirit to the limit. She is a hustler through and through. She is seen as the underdog, when in truth she is deep undercover in a world not built for her.  The Kweendom is all of ours, to rule & define the rules.

/kärɡō/ : noun The inventive, cargo, dealt directly with trains, planes, and automobiles. Sometimes even pocketed pants. We are speaking of the derivative concept to represent the revolution we carry on our backs. It can be work or it can be pleasure. It can be physical or emotional, voluntary or compulsory. We may have no choice, but we can choose how to carry it. 



Quality Repair Services & Custom Builds

We are proud to offer our clients the best services for their buck. 

Positive Focus for our Community & Environment 

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Kween Kargo does its best to support the Kweendom! 

Paths to Green Freight Logistics 

We believe cargo & light bikes can radically change out cities for the better. 



79A West Street, Brooklyn NY 11222



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