New Year, New Shop, New Website

Hello world!

Since Kween Kargo has been busy moving to our new storefront, it seemed like the perfect time to move to a better website! We hope this new interface will make it easier for our clients & compadres to interact with us. More importantly, we hope to signal-boost all the amazing work taking place in the Kweendom! We know so many folx are working on making this an incredible year for cycling, so here are a few of our goals for 2017:

  1. Team Kween Cycling inaugural season: Team Kween is a Cyclocross-focused team with spring divisions in Track and Road cycling as well. We have recruited a stellar team of women to lead the way for other amateurs who want to begin racing. We aim to create a safe, supportive environment both within our own teams but also at the venues where we will compete. In the long term we want to show young women in New York all the places cycling can take them; from professional sporting to beyond.
  2. Collaborate with established Bike NYC coalitions & their goals: We believe green freight infrastructure is the future for both commercial & public transport. We are impressed with all the work Transportation Alternatives has done to increase the number of protected bike lanes & "sharrows", and are hopeful for the introduction of more pedestrian walks. New York City is on the cusp of 9 million residents, and we as a city need to make major changes to prevent a sharp drop in quality of life. This is not a driving city. It never has been. We need to be creative in use of urban space for the sake of our city's residents and infrastructure. 
  3. Make space for Female, Queer, and Trans leadership in NYC's cycling community: While cycling at large is a space of inclusion, leisure, encouragement, and health, certain social phenomena threaten the health & safety of marginalized individuals within our community. Racism, Transphobia, Ableism, and a Misogynistic social order must be left in 2016. Furthermore, we must work together to protect the leaders of change in our community and dismantle the safe-spaces built by & for serial abusers, gas-lighters, and conmen. They invalidate the beauty of our sport, and threaten the progress being made towards increased cycling infrastructure & visible legitimancy. Finally, we will continue our work to support independent couriers to build their own businesses, so they may be in control of their own labor, so they may not be so often subject to the violence described above. 

We realize we are casting a wide-net but as Kween Kargo enters it's third year of business we want to keep our goals bold and powerful. Not to mention we want to get behind all the incredible people already deeply intrenched in this exciting work! So in addition to keeping your bike running better than any other shop can, we hope to be a source of support for the best parts of the New York City cycling community. 

Long May We Ride!

-Camille & Chris