Click for PDF of 2019 Sponsorship packet

Click for PDF of 2019 Sponsorship packet

Now that you’ve gotten to know us, lets talk about what it takes to get to the start line!

2019 Season Goals

In our third year, Team Kween’s goals are simple:

  • Contribute meaningfully to increase the visibility of WTF athletes, queer athletes, athletes of color, and working cyclists in bicycle racing.

  • Document our journey into competitive cycling, from pre-season training to race days, in order to inform & encourage prospective racers.

  • Increase equality in representation of local NYC demographics, and encourage youth to take advantage of everything cycling can offer.

  • Building on our first two seasons, identify factors that negatively affect participation of WTF and other marginalized riders in competitive cycling and develop strategies to bridge those gaps.

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What do we need?

We are asking for monetary and in-kind contributions for the 2019 season. Beyond that, if you have a creative idea for a collaboration, we'd love to hear about it! .

What will we do with it?

Transportation budget. This is our primary need. While the Kissena Velodrome is practically in our back yard, cyclocross races are at least an hour drive away from NYC. (And, being bicycle devotees, none of us own cars!) A transportation budget will get us to races without breaking the bank, and let us help other local athletes get to the starting line, too.

Train. Help us get on the podium more often by getting us to the gym, to PT, to training clinics.

Wear it. Skinsuits, bibs & jerseys, arm & leg warmers, socks, hats, wind vests, rain jackets... We're outside in all kinds of weather and need cycling-specific clothes that can keep up with us. Just saying, all that cloth provides a lot of places to put your logo.

Eat it. Do you make energy bars? Pastries and coffee? Fancy seltzer or craft beer? Tacos? Whatever it is, we'll probably want to eat it. Training and racing bikes takes a lot of fuel.

Fund-raising efforts. Non-cycling-related in-kind donations can be used as raffle prizes; lending us your space would let us throw a fund-raising event. Let's get creative.

Wanna roll with us?

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Ok, but what's in it for you? Ever wonder why the Tour de France winner wears a yellow jersey? It's because the newspaper that sponsored the race a century ago was printed on yellow paper. The white and red polka-dot jersey for the king of the mountains comes from the 1975 sponsorship by the candy company Chocolat Poulain, who designed the jersey to match the wrapper of one of their products. Sponsoring a cycling team, whether professionals at Le Tour or amateurs like us at the local velodrome, is an advertising partnership – you provide us with the means to achieve our goals and we, depending on the level of sponsorship, feature you in our social media, wear your logo, or participate in your promotional material. Further, we are in the process of incorporating the team as a not-for-profit organization, so watch this space for tax-deductible opportunities.

We need your help!

Since we are a young team, we are seeking support wherever we can find it! Competitive cycling is expensive; for example, getting the team to a single race can cost a couple hundred dollars and the skinsuits we race in cost $135 each. Through our first two seasons that cost was entirely borne by riders themselves and our title sponsor, Kween Kargo Bike Shop. Since our main mission is to make racing more accessible, we are reaching out to our community to build relationships in support of that mission. We believe that it really does take a village and, as we enter our third year, we think we’re a pretty solid investment. Why?

Representation matters. Women’s racing is currently experiencing the dawn of a renaissance; however, there are many members of our community who are being left behind. Women of color, working-class women, transgender women, and gender non-conforming racers are not only under-represented, but often find themselves being held back in this new moment of rapid growth and recognition. Even women in positions of relative privilege are systematically underfunded and under-sponsored compared to men who race at the same level. We aspire to challenge & change the way urban recruiting occurs by creating our own model of inclusivity. We need broad community support to accomplish our mission.

Supporting the cycling renaissance in the NYC metropolitan area. New York City is undergoing a resurgence of interest in bikes the likes of which hasn't been seen since Madison Square Garden was a velodrome! Red Hook, Brooklyn, has become a household name for cyclists internationally, and non-sanctioned alleycat racing has never been bigger. Each year the city provides more miles of bike lane, literally paving the way to safer streets. Soon you’ll be able to follow a bike path from Manhattan all the way to Canada! Cycling not only improves the quality of life for each rider & their environment, but a love of bikes can also lead down so many different roads – beyond recreation, as the local industry continues to grow, a plethora of meaningful jobs & careers are becoming available to New Yorkers. Team Kween is committed to keeping exposure to cycling high so youth and adults alike can dream of going farther than they ever thought they could.

We are a small piece of a larger movement. Across the country and across the world, WTF cyclists are taking a stand against sexism & racism in our industry. Whether it be misrepresentation in advertising, unequal prizes, or harmful practices in coaching, we have our work cut out for us. In the interest of keeping things positive, Team Kween is ready to fight for a lot of things! We race for equal prize wallets, for equal media coverage, for equal opportunity, for equal respect, for equal options, for equal representation, and so much more. We’ll leave the fighting against to the opposition. We fight for. There has never been a more important time to align your brand with women.

Have we grabbed your attention?

We’d love to talk about what we can do for each other! To start that conversation, contact Camille at Kween Kargo - Call 718 569 9320, email, or visit the shop at 79A West Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Click for pdf of 2019 sponsorship packet

Click for pdf of 2019 sponsorship packet