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Mission Team Kween Cycling is an amateur cycling team focused on increasing the visibility and participation of women, trans, and femme (WTF) athletes, queer athletes, athletes of color, and working cyclists in bike racing. We want more a more diverse peleton – and we know that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Formation Team Kween is one of a handful of young cycling teams making sure historically under-represented athletes in NYC have the space and support they need to achieve their athletic ambitions. Anchored in Kween Kargo Bike Shop, a women and POC owned, queer friendly shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we come together to train hard, support each other, and shatter presumptions. Team Kween is a multi- discipline cycling team open to riders of all genders, ethnicities and ages, with most riders entering women's categories in track and cyclocross races: we provide the framework for each member to excel at the kind racing they dream about.

Kenji emonds

Kenji emonds

Meet the Kweens!

Jaime Taylor

Perhaps the only librarian to ever get picked first at kickball, Jaime brings twenty years of athletic experience to Team Kween. In her younger days, she was a nationally competitive scholastic and collegiate rower, whose accomplishments included a NY state championship and a 6th place finish at the US Rowing national championships in 2001, and a team 4th place at the 2006 NCAA Div III championships. Now a librarian at the Center for Jewish History, Jaime began taking bikes seriously in 2015, when she started bike commuting between her apartment in Brooklyn and the library in Manhattan. When Camille mentioned wanting to start a shop team at Kween Kargo, Jaime dove in head first, buying a track bike without ever having ridden fixed-gear before and entering her first race after only one day on it. Now she's once again collecting podium finishes, including winning women's category 4 at the 54th Annual Labor Day Track Meet at Kissena this past September. In 2019 she'll be gunning for her cat 3 track upgrade, as well as aging into the Masters classification, giving her plenty of opportunities to keep bringing home the hardware.

Camille Raneem Lampel

From cargo bikes to road bikes, from the track to the grass, bikes rule everything around Camille. Founder of Kween Kargo Bike Shop, Team Kween's title sponsor, Camille has been riding bikes since their early twenties – first as a super-commuter, then as an advocate with OWS Bike Coalition, and then a courier in a cargo delivery cooperative. After founding Kween Kargo in 2015, they were awarded the QBP Women's Bike Mechanic Scholarship to United Bicycle Institute in 2017, where they earned their Bicycle Technician certification. Using what they learned at bike school, along with their lived experiences as a queer femme of color, Camille wants to help make cycling & cycling careers more accessible to urban bikers. In addition to being neck-deep in #bikelife, Camille is passionate about holistic health, nutrition, sustainability, and social justice. When they aren't wrenching at the shop or riding their bikes, Camille enjoys quiet days at home, crafting or playing video games in the company of their cat, Ham Sandwich. In 2019 Camille will be focused on track with some cyclocross in the fall for fun!

Zoë Beery

Zoë started riding bikes ten years ago in San Francisco. Within a year she was crushing the city's famous hills on a single-speed and running a blog about women’s cycling called Bike Ladies Unite. In 2012 she joined FWOD Oakland and quickly became a regular rider. When she moved to Brooklyn in 2014 she stayed with FWOD, racing her first cyclocross season the next year, and contributing writing on equity in cycling to Pretty Damned Fast. After being inspired by Anna Schwinn and Koochella in Minneapolis, in 2016 Zoë founded Formula Femme, NYC’s first-ever FTW track team, which was the main force in tripling the size of the women’s field over the next two years. Now proudly a rider for Team Kween, she focuses on bringing new cyclists into racing and making the sport welcoming and accessible to all.

Chris Reece

Originally hailing from the great state of Georgia, Chris is the one of the owners of Kween Kargo Bike Shop. He’s been working in New York city's busy bicycle industry for the past seven years as a messenger, mechanic, shop manager, and now shop owner, and last season he made the jump to amateur athlete on the track with Team Kween. Chris is especially looking forward to the continued development of the team’s track program in 2019 – both racing himself and building the bicycles that will propel his teammates to podium finishes.

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And more to come! We are looking for a few new teammates for the 2019 season. If you know someone who wants to race and is stoked about our mission of expanding access to bike racing, send them our way. Interested riders can fill out a short form here!

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Now Recruiting for 2019!! Click Here to apply!

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Click to view 2019 sponsorship packet